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four decorated cookies sitting on top of each other next to scissors and toothbrushes
Arrow of Light crossover cakes
a person holding up a framed display with patches and badges on it's sides
Cub Scout Shadow Box
As I See It: Cub Scout Shadow Box
two cakes are sitting on a blue table
Crossover ceremony cakes (w/ little bridge)
two cakes are sitting on a table together
ARCH BRIDGE Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA Arrow of Light, Weddings, Table Decorations, Cake Topper, Model R
two decorated cakes sitting on top of each other in front of a white table cloth
Crossover cake
an arrow of light is being made out of legos and colored blocks with text overlay
Arrow of Light Arrows
wooden signs with arrows and names on them sitting next to some rocks in front of a door
a person holding a lit candle in front of a bunch of candles on a stick
Drew's Arrow of Light
Arrow of Light Candle holder example I'd love to make this for the battery operated lights and then attach it to the bridge that they will cross.
two girls in school uniforms holding up signs with stickers on them and smiling at the camera
Arrow of Light
a group of scouts standing next to each other
My 7 Favorite Cub Scout Crossover Ceremonies
Looking for an awesome Webelos Cub Scout Crossover ceremony? Find 7 ceremony ideas here! #CubScouts #CubScout #Scouting #Webelos #ArrowOfLight #Crossover #CubScoutIdeas
children are standing in front of a table with flags on it and an american flag behind them
Arrow of Light ceremony | Cub Scouts
Really fun Arrow of Light ceremony - how to's and the script.