Save the last dance

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Marisol Rodriguez
Shes 35 and been playing a 17 year old sense 95 - she doesn't play a teenager in teen wolf Trey Songz, Black Girls Rock, Black Girl Magic, Big Sean, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Teen Wolf, Kings & Queens, Haha

Love Bianca Lawson. Lets not forger Save the Last Dance either!! One of my fave movies

by+Tangerine+Clarke (Caribbean+Life)+Award+winning+television+and+screen+actor,+Sean+Patrick+Thomas+said+a+disciplined+Guyanese+upbringing+definitely+moulded+him+into+the+person+he+is+today. “My+family+live Dance Photo Shoot, Dance Photos, Dance Pictures, Hollywood Actor, Hollywood Celebrities, Sean Patrick Thomas, Gorgeous Men, Beautiful People, Beautiful Smile

Joseph Asagai

Joseph Asagai; the Nigerian student that is in love with Bennie Physically Joseph seems to very as the classic tall, dark and handsome. Even in the play it states how handsome he is. He strikes me as very cultural and down to Earth. The actor I chose for Joseph is Sean Patrick Thomas. Sean Patrick Thomas Sean is perfect for the part of Joseph. Sean has a very out going screen personality. He's great at being that arrogant, yet charming guy. He's always in parts that he gets to be in charge…