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an empty room with chairs and blinds on the outside wall, in front of a large window
a room with some paintings on the wall and a plant in the middle of it
Antique and Vintage Screens and Room Dividers - 1,776 For Sale at 1stDibs - Page 6
Large Six Paneled Tropical Screen
a room divider made out of different colored tiles on it's sides, with one section open and the other half closed
Artistic Collection Pieces By Dazzling Malabar | Furniture
Products | Malabar Artistic Furnish that arouse emotions
a group of mirrors sitting next to each other
中式风格 水墨画 背景墙硬包 意境 抽象 定制面料
three different colored planters with plants growing out of them, one is green and the other is blue
two vases with plants in them sitting next to each other
Screen-Pot by François Clerc for De Castelli
two tables with mirrors on them in front of curtains
The Polish Designer Creating Furniture Out of Recycled Glass - Sight Unseen
an image of a sculpture that looks like it is in the shape of a circle
a white sculpture with green and blue squares hanging from it's sides in front of a white wall
Francesco Rota - Work
three different colored panels on metal stands
Patch | True Design
Patch - Sound absorbing panels by True Design