Cholo tattoo

Collection by Martina Ruggeri

Martina Ruggeri
Cholo Flash One, 2007. Drawing by Mike Giant. From 'Forever: The New Tattoo'. Copyright Gestalten 2012.

FOREVER by Gestalten: The New Generation of Tattoo Artists | Yatzer

Although tattoos are quite in the mainstream these days, there are still a ...



Kirstin Jakobi


Gemini can charm a bird right out of its tree and give it five new songs to sing. But the restless Mercurial mind can too easily overlook the bluebird of happiness waiting wistfully year after year in his own backyard. He wears clear yellows, greens and blues, silver and gray-and his moods reflect his glittering aquamarine jewel. He has the light touch, echoed in the delicate fragrance of the lily-of-the-valley, and he has breathed the fresh promise of the greenest ferns in the deepest part…

Gemini appearance - How to spot a Gemini

G emini is the sign of the twins, and there are two distinct sides to his changeable personality. The mercurial changes of a Gemini's ex...