Secrets Behind Praying on Time

Secrets Behind Praying on Time.Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently

Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?... #Quran #Prayer #Islam

Qur'an ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) Surah/Chapter This ayat/verse is repeated 31 times: Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Did You Know This About Quran?! #quran

d real gift nd guidance to one'z lyf.yeppp i feel tat beauty 😍😍. Hope everyone getz it fruition 😇😇.

Cry and repent, oh servants of Allah!

Cry and repent, oh servants of Allah! How merciful is He, who considers a small droplet of tear as a forgiver of the slave's sins

Always remind yourself to repent, no matter how many times you slip up. Allah loves those who repent.

Allah is only waiting for us to take that 1 step towards Him. He will change your life totally after that.