Orange Slices

Collection by MarySue Sander


Bright slivers of orange are like exclamation marks of life!

MarySue Sander
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8th maynt background get

Monarch Butterflies by Elmira Amirova
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Glass-ball wall @Deidra Brocké Wallace

Orange Glass Baubles-4081

Light Glorious Light

Calla lilies. This is almost painting-like in its rendition.

Calla lilies. This is almost painting-like in its rendition.

Orange Peel Fungus

Orange Peel Fungus (Aleuria aurantia)

These were all over the road going through a clearcut area by Borden Creek off of Chilliwack Lake Road in British Columbia.

Giant solar flare

NASA's SDO Captures a Monster Prominence

NASA image captured Feb. 24, 2011 To see an image showing the size of the prominence in comparison to the size of earth click here. To view a video of this event go to: When a rather large-sized (M 3.6 class) flare occurred near the edge of the Sun, it blew out a gorgeous, waving mass of erupting plasma that swirled and twisted over a 90-minute period (Feb. 24, 2011). This event was captured in extreme ultraviolet light by NASA's Solar Dynamics…

My favorite colour and after reading this, I love it even more

Freckles and Valium

My favorite colour and after reading this, I love it even more 😃

ღOrange Lovinღ

ღOrange Lovinღ

Beautiful orange



ready to be chopped into tako yaki

Color Cascade, Color 22-2 Yellow-Orange by Linda Payne Saukkonen  - again done for the  Quilt Color Challenge in Sisters, Oregon.  Complements with one used in tiny amounts...


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Striking orange - Bottega Veneta

Striking orange - Bottega Veneta

turquoise and coral splendor
Collar HippieOrange And TurquoiseBlue

turquoise and coral splendor


A Fresh Take on Floral Arrangements at Canada Blooms

I am sad to report that I was a bit disappointed with the big garden displays at Canada Blooms. In fact I was so underwhelmed, that I took hardy any pictures of them. Still, I enjoyed my day at the show and so I want to start off by focusing on what did catch my eye. At the show I made new contacts, found resources for future projects and even saw some fresh ideas. Take these pretty floral arrangements. I thought that they were simple, but effective. Best of all, they would be easy to…

orange . tulip petals . simply blooming ✿