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This is the awesome new McLaren GTR unveiled this week at Pebble Beach. McLaren describe this beast as "Road car magic" with of pure on-track thrills.

McLaren-P1_GTR_Concept_2014_Back Angle

That exhaust! the 1000 horsepower mclaren GTR design concept unveiled

McLaren-P1_GTR_Concept_2014_Front Angle

McLaren GTR has unveiled their design concept for the most track focussed vehicle ever built. The McLaren GTR is based on its street legal version

McLaren-P1_GTR_Concept_2014_Rear Angle

The McLaren GTR Design Concept Unveiled: The Vehicle For The World’s Most Exclusive Drivers’ Club


Saudi Arabia Vehicle Market at record first half while clouds are over next future due to the negative convergence of many factors, including global slower economy, fight to terrorism and the huge re-call campaign involving Toyota.

McLaren-P1_GTR_Concept_2014_Front Angle-2

McLaren-P1_GTR_Concept_2014_Front Angle-2

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