Mataniari Lumbangaol

Mataniari Lumbangaol

Hello. I repin what I like. That simple. Nice to know you :)
Mataniari Lumbangaol
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Pyper America

This is a fansite dedicated to the beautiful model Pyper America Smith.

Pyper America Smith by Willow Smith

Lucky blue smiths sister)) Hi! I'm Pyper. I'm a model but I'm really good with makeup and I'm happy to help any time, just holler.

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((Pyper America Smith)) Hey, im Pyper, I like skateboarding and sex. Im Im not a girl you mess with.

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" I smile politely. "I'm princess Celine. I am very excited for my selection, but highly nervous. "I love food and anything that has to do with it." I wink jokingly. "I hope to find true love." I shrug and grin cheekily.


(FC: Pyper America Smith) Hello, I'm Jenna, and I'm 17 years old and single. I love to hang around watching Netflix, and basically being chill.