Mateo Muhammad

Mateo Muhammad

MATEO MUHAMMAD MY LIFE VISION: To be remembered as a lightkeeper. MY LIFE MISSION: To inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a contex
Mateo Muhammad
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Self-actualization traits

Many people struggle to understand what is middle of the road healthy thinking or reasonable reality. Well Maslow did it for us - the characteristic of self actualizing people. // hierarchy of needs - be sure to meet all of your lower needs first!

Viktoria Prischedko

Viktoria Prischedko I love this watercolour. Would like to see the technique in action. Adding water and turning the painting vertical perhaps? Gotta' find out!

more people need to THINK

Lots of people today need to really THINK before they speak. Too many people have forgotten how to be kind and speak with respect. The saddest part for me is that children are watching and learning how to imitate the same behavior.