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Mahendra Sitepu
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Millennials: Is Gen Y Really Lazy And Self Entitled? #Infografía

The Millennials in the Workplace Infographic explores Millennials’ values and expectations, personally and professionally.

Lean Startup or Agile or Lean Startup and Agile?

A recent post by Joshua Kerievsky contrasting Lean Startup with Agile approaches resonated with some commentators and raised the ire of others. Do Lean Startup principles replace and supersede Agile approaches or are they complementary.

Nice overview on the key aspects of the build-measure-learn loop. However, I think the loop should actually be called learn-build-measure as an early stage startup should not startup with building something without the definition of what it wants to learn. One can argue about the definition of building of course.

Lean Startup Build Measure Learn Loop with Actionable Steps for each Stage - Via Mark Mendez

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The Great Debate: Startup Sales vs.