Façade @ Via 31

VIA 31 The modern condominium from the Aesthetic Collection. Fully completed and ready to be moved into.

Beyond Homes http://www.beyondhomes.ca/ together with BBLOC http://www.bbloc.ca/ have designed b95, a project consisting of two semi-detached units in Calgary, Canada. (Click on photo for high-res. image.)

(BBLOC) Building Bloc Design is a full service design firm focusing attention to residential and interior design.


Really like how the upstairs is framed. This neatly creates a subtle cantilever, another way of pushing the balcony further out by say 2 ft.

Abode at Great Kneighton / Proctor and Matthews Architects

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Completed in 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. Images by Spaceshift. SIRI is a renovation project of commercial building. It is both a house and an office of jewelry business which belongs to the family’s third sister.

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PAM - habitat intermédiaire - Po

Bricks, clay blocks, roof tiles and pavers are among the most versatile and modern building materials.