Maulisna Solriswida
Maulisna Solriswida
Maulisna Solriswida

Maulisna Solriswida

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My husband dreamed this one up. He broke the bottom out of ceramic pots planted tulip bulbs then in the summer we plant something else on top. Easy and clean to maintain in the Garden or like us along our front porch!

A gorgeous California no-lawn garden -- love that curvy border of succulents and grasses

Garden Paths: 16 Easy-to-Imitate Stone Walkways

Add some visual interest: Pea gravel and new or salvaged wood beams are all that you will need to create one like this.

Love this letterbox!! And the plants and the deck pads!!!!

Daylilies and hostas! two hard to kill or in other words, easy to grow plants that make this bed look marvelous! And both plants multiply, too!

Flower Garden Ideas for Your Landscape

I absolutely loooooove the garden in the background. The Russian Sage is beautiful against the red and yellow. Looove it!!

Colorful border with Flowers Garden Love.. I'm in love with this border! How gorgeous!

Budget-Friendly Ideas for Outdoor Rooms

This outdoor room looks expensive. but that's just what the homeowner wants you to think. Inexpensive building materials such as gravel, cinder blocks, and pressure-treated wood form the backbone of the design. Tile backboard and salvaged plywood, stained a soft blue and attached to a custom frame, give the tiny yard privacy.

Beautiful and serene outdoor patio and garden