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Blood Type Conversation 02: Type AB and O

Check the other two too… New Blood Type Comic Blood Type Comic – Overview Blood Type Personality Comic Strip 3 PM Appointment Appointment Temptation Conversation I

Blood Types Comic: Snowball Fight

Blood Types Comic: Snowball Fight Yes i'm an introvert so that might happen. Btw i'm type AB

Blood Types Comic: If they live in a house together

Blood Types Comic: If they live in a house together. Oh my gooood I've spent the last reading this kind of comics this is hilarious I cant even😂😂😂

adore this!! We Are the Introverts - COMIC

A comic about introverts? If you’ve been having trouble identifying the introverts in your life, check out this short field guide from Grant Snider of Incidental Comics. Via Incidental Comics. Quiet little comics.

this looks so fun.

Fun art project with the kids! Easy abstract painting that anyone can do! Just blob the paint on the canvas in random spots and blend! (would be interesting how students could make different pictures w/ the same colors and same blob positions)