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I've got the chocolate one and I bought the blue one for my Mom's desk at work. Lol :) Spread the nerdiness!!

Breadou doughnut iced buns-I like Blueberry Flower my sister has the pink strawberry one

Hamburger Squishy (it's so realistic) :)

Hamburger Squishy (it's so realistic) :)

super colourful squishy cake with all our pieces of cake squishies

Don't they look just super yummy? We added many squishies to our shop this week and these cake squishies are our favourite product of the week.

4 jumbo realistic scented kawaii squishies / squishy RARE UK SELLER NEW | eBay

I have all of that + a biscuit but i don't have the bread slice

jumbo plain melon bun squishy smells bun bread kawaii cute

com A plain jumbo sweet scented Pineapple Melon Bun! Freshly baked and squishy fun