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Jarrold Norwich New Fashion Floor  #‎retail #‎fixtures #‎tables #‎fashion #‎powdercoat  #‎department #‎store #‎signage #‎branding #‎brass #‎midfloor #‎display

Jarrold Norwich New Fashion Floor retail design and signage wayfinding Nail Design, Nail Art, Nail Salon, Irvine, Newport Beach


Womens fashion floor Having worked with Jarrold for a number of years, Furniss & May were asked to create a new design scheme for the women’s.

"There’s just something so very industrial-meets-functional about displaying your threads out in the open, waiting to be sifted through and creatively-ensembled." Clothing house designed by Ola Giertz

clothing house // olga giertz One of my bedrooms has no closet, so always looking for ideas for attractive clothes storage. This would be great as a coat closet. If you could adapt it for some kind of shoe storage as well, there's a thought.

Scaffolding Board And Steel Pipe Shelving for $3k! Remind my worker bees when they start complaining.

For the office? Paint pipe a bright metallic and the wood a washed color? V Scaffolding Boards and Dark Steel Pipe Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Industrial Chic Shelving/Bookcase - Bespoke Urban FurnitureDesign