Originated from Central Java, opor ayam (chicken cooked in coconut milk) is especially popular during lebaran (Idul Fitri) where it is typically served with ketupat (boiled rice cake wrapped in woven palm leaf pouch) or lontong (boiled rice cake in the shape of a cylinder wrapped in banana leaf). Opor …

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Resep Kue Lidah Kucing - http://resep4.blogspot.com/2013/06/resep-kue-lidah-kucing-keju.html

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Best way to make sago pearls dessert

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eggplant with chili, sambal terong (red chilies, shallots, garlic, tamarind pulp, eggplants)

Soto mie. Special noodle food from west java indonesia. Rich broth, chewy noodle, big chunks of beef, and special spring roll mix together in one bowl. Super pleasure!

Resep Mie Goreng Sederhan Special Aceh Lezat

toge goreng (fried bean sprouts)

Gado-Gado - Vegetable salad with peanut sauce dressing.

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Kering Tempeh - Fried Tempeh with Sweet and Spicy Glace

<p>Originated from the city of Purwokerto in Central Java, tempeh mendoan is a very popular street food, and for good reason. Unlike other tempeh dish, tempeh mendoan has a spiced batter coating. This coating, when deep fried, will be extra crispy yet the tempeh inside is still soft and tender, …</p>

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