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THAT is a bonsai garden. How beautiful and how many years to create. I still feel a little sad that they are artificially stunted.


Planted off center to right, the negative space creates a scene- instead of just an image of a tree, you get a sense of the tree in its "habitat" Bonsai trees are excellent additions to any home décor and add an exotic feel to any patio decoration!

Bonsai - Cycad Forest. Specifically Cycas revoluta, or Sago palm.

Bonsai - Cica Forest I love this, I think it would be a perfect beach house bonsai!

**  this how to NOT field grow a tree for bonsai.  --WHAT IS NOT A BONSAI--  This tree is too thick for its size, awkward-with no aesthetics, and obviously was field grown and then hacked down. It lacks the flow of a tree shaped by the harsh, beautiful elements of nature that give a living flow to the shape of the tree.  This is the perfect example of WHAT IS NOT A BONSAI.  --  Trident maple

A trident maple bonsai tree with in INCREDIBLY thick trunk. I mean, look at that sucker! See more bonsai trees at www.

Top Bonsai Gallery - Bonsai Empire

Welcome to our Bonsai gallery, full of masterpiece Bonsai trees.

Cypress Bonsai, Formal Upright style (Chokkan).

The Midwest Bonsai Society, based at the Chicago Botanic Garden, promotes public awareness, cultivation, and the living art of bonsai.

Bonsai is an art of designing plants and involves keeping them growing.

Bonsai is an art of designing plants and involves keeping them growing.