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easy and fun quick spray paint and soap technique to create rainbow ombré gradient effect tray!
a piece of wood that has some thread on it and birds flying over the water
Handmade decor String Art Sea Ocean
Loving these florals and colors… 🥰
Have I already posted this seal? Yes. Do I care? No. It’s my favorite Credit:@thedragonflycreative
© PAPIRA “Noel” wax seal stamp, part of our Holiday Wax Seal Collection. For your Christmas Cards.
This is a great tip if you need to make a lot of seals!
Such a pretty colour
a wax stamp with a bee on it next to a wooden rubber stamper that says bees
French Bee Wax Seal Stamp with Gold and Red Wax Honey Bee Wax Stamp Wax Sealing - Perfect For Wedding Invitations, DIY, Cards, Envelopes
creative mermaid tail wax seal diy fun ideas
"...This is like a Dremel but pen sized🔥, the precision work I'm doing now is next level" - Ashley
a hand holding a rock with some writing on it that says, you're my butter half
30 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Your Crafty Garden (For Beginners)
four painted rocks with different sayings on them
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Romantic pink Floral 1mm Clear Acrylic Wedding Invites CAX019 by claritynco for garden wedding ideas
DIY Wood Stain Colors! Vibrant, Bright, and Easy
Slow Cooker Peppermint Hot Cocoa
2hr · 8 servings 6 cups whole milk • 1 cup heavy cream • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder • 16-20 mini peppermint candy canes • 10 oz good quality semi-sweet chocolate • 1 tbsp vanilla extract • pinch of salt • marshmallows for serving Full recipe:
Hot Chocolate Bombs
a glass jar filled with liquor sitting on top of a table
Groomsmen Gifts: Minibar in a Jar – Idea Land
hot cocoa kit with christmas decorations and candy in glass jars on a wooden table next to mugs
Simple Christmas Gift: Homemade Holiday Inspiration - Hoosier Homemade
two bags of candy and a rolling pin
We WHISK You a Merry Kissmas Tag 3x3 Tag 8.5x11 Inch Pdf With 6 Tags on the Page Instant Digital Download - Etsy
25min Winter Snowglobe & Eggnog Truffles! For Winter Snowglobe: • Sugar Cookie • Hard Candy • White & Red Sprinkles • Royal Icing For Eggnog Truffles: INGREDIENTS • 12 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting (these can be homemade, store-bought, or made from a boxed mix!) • ½ cup eggnog • 12 ounces white chocolate, melted • 2 tablespoons coconut oil (optional to help smooth out the melted white chocolate if necessary) • Sprinkles (optional) 1. Mix In a medium bowl, combine the cupcakes with the eggnog and use a potato masher or an electric mixer (or even your clean hands!) to make a smooth, thick dough that holds together when you pinch a bit between your fingers. 2. Scoop Using a cookie scoop or a tablespoon, scoop some of the mixture and then roll it in your hands to m
Hot Cocoa Bombs Packaging
Handmade wood pendant|Pressed Flower Pendant
Gift Wrapping Hacks
Hot Cocoa Bombs
a glass bead with a sea turtle on it
a glass pendant with a black bear in the snow on it's back end
Wood Necklace Men Gift Wood Resin Necklace Bear Necklace Snow Landscape Glow Necklace Unique Necklace for Women and Men Anniversary Gift - Etsy
DIY Resin Art Ocean Waves Art Mica Powder Tutorial