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...---===||===---... "To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it" - DANIEL LIBESKIND - (Contemporary House somewhere in the woods)

nice vanbradolowisky by http://www.danazhome-decor.xyz/modern-home-design/vanbradolowisky/

This is just brilliant! Ryman Loft Bathroom Series Unit 3. stellableudesigns, via Etsy.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 simply beautiful!

Will custom build a narrow, leaning unit for LR Reclaimed 3 White Oak Shelf / Shelving Unit FREE by DendroCo

Truth Coffee :Everything about their industrial interior means business – for the most part as solid and functional as a lump hammer, but with delicate features skilfully chiselled into the rough façade...

The Corner Industrial Bookshelf is a great conversation piece turning heavy iron piping into a modern urban look that will add a sense of history and character to any space.

Höst Restaurant in Copenhagen

Bar in Sydney Modern and Contemporary Industrial Design Ideas - The best design projects // inspiring spaces

Dark industrial interior...This would make a mighty fine lounge/dungeon...If someone were to be interested in that sort of thing.