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the printable worksheet for kids to learn how to draw and decorate their own characters
Afterschool Workshops - Neal Levin
the simpsons faces are drawn in black and white
700+ Easy Drawings for Kids: Step-by-Step How to Draw Lessons
Cartoon Faces
How to Draw an Angel
Welcome to our super fun and easy drawing tutorial! In just 10 steps, you are going to learn how to draw an angel with us. 1.Start drawing the head. 2.Add the angel’s hair. 3.Draw the angel’s face! 4.Add the angel’s collar! 5.Draw her dress. 6.Draw the angel’s arms. 7.Draw the angel’s legs. 8.Add wings to the angel! 9.Add a halo. 10.Color in your drawing! If you enjoyed our angel tutorial, feel free to share it with your friends or family! You can do this by showing your drawing or even sending them this page using the social media icons. Thanks for following along with us. Until next time!
How to Draw a Frog
Ribbit! Welcome to our fun 10-step drawing tutorial! Can you take a guess what animal we are going to draw today? That’s right—a frog! 1.Draw the eyes of the frog. 2.Add detail to the eyes. 3.Draw the outline of the frog’s head. 4.Add a smile! 5.Add the legs of the frog! 6.Draw the back legs. 7.Draw the back toes. 8.Draw the frog’s belly. 9.Add detail to the frog’s skin. 10.Color in your frog!
an easy to draw pattern for quilting with the words'easy patterns to draw '
80 Easy, Simple & Cool Patterns to Draw for Beginners