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How to Clean and Sanitize Thrift Store Clothes - Budget Baby Budget


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How to Build SIMPLE FLOATING SHELVES (...for any room in the house!) | via Make It and Love It
Tip For Putting Together DIY Furniture

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Let’s talk about some of the best tips that helped even me to stop living paycheck to paycheck and finally helped me to save money. Savings challenge | saving challenge | savings strategy


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a four leaf clover with frost on it's leaves is seen in this image
Lord, Marvel, Balrog, Predator, Balrog Lotr, Lotr, Resim, Marco
a dandelion with the sun setting in the back ground and clouds behind it
a black and white photo of a large flower
Finding needles in haystacks monochrome 2 From my upcoming book: "Moments in the monochrome garden" ©2012 Alan Shapiro
a dandelion with blue and orange tips on it
an umbrella is hanging on the side of a window with curtains pulled back to dry
16 Bungee Cord Tricks That Are Borderline Genius
many purple and blue flowers are arranged together
a painting of mountains and water under a cloudy sky with the sun in the distance
Van Gogh wallpaper
a close up of a door handle on a white door
To make a ceiling curtain-rod canopy for my bed without drilling into the ceiling!