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a green tray filled with rice covered in cartoon eyes next to meat and veggies
ひつじのショーンのキャラ弁アイデアまとめ☆キャラ弁初心者でもできます! - macaroni
a yellow bowl filled with food on top of a table
there is a plate with some sushi and penguins on it
some food is in a red container on a polka dot tablecloth with chopsticks
ひよこちゃんのお弁当♪ - キャラ弁連載:初めてでも楽しく作れる♪3Dキャラ弁当 [公式連載][レシピブログ]
some food is sitting on a plate with chopsticks
there are many different types of stuffed animals in small bowls together, each with faces on them
『こころのたね。』さんが作る、曲げわっぱの「顔弁」が可愛すぎる♡ - macaroni
small halloween treats on a white plate with pumpkins
Japanese bento (boxed lunch) for Halloween
a green bowl filled with rice covered in googly eyes and carrots on top of it
トイストーリーリトルグリーンメンキャラ弁 by みやきっちん