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Andrew Prayudi
Sword (Balato)

Sword (Balato)

Tentang suku dayak

Tentang suku dayak

New Iban Order 21st Century: Koleksi Ulu Ilang & Nyabor

Koleksi Ulu Ilang & Nyabor

Agi kelia raban bansa kitai Dayak suah begaga ke ulu ilang enggau nyabor ari tulang pah munsuh, tanduk jelu serta di rias enggau buk mensia nitih ke penauk empu tubuh. Baruh tu sekeda ari gambar ulu ilang enggau nyabor ia ke cukup unik:-

The hilt of a Mandau Dayak sword

The Mandau Dayak Headhunter's Sword | Indo Magic

The mandau is the traditional weapon of the Dayak of Kalimantan. They were once feared for their ancient tradition of headhunting practices.



Mandau aneh 1

Mandau aneh 1

Trophies of the Head Hunters

[Good Iban Dayak mandau War sword] [Good Iban Dayak mandau War sword] [Good Iban Dayak mandau War sword]    A very nice old Mandau or Parang Ihlang War Sword from the Iban tribe of Kalimantan, Borneo. Wonderful steel blade with fine chiselling, brass plug inlay, and fretwork. The hilt carved very finely of staghorn or bone with a seated figure, lovely old worn patination and colour, the top inlaid with a plug of trophy hair. ca  1800

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