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Loving this art!

Cosmic Origins Art Print by cuhelski

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Together forever. ^u^ <3


sockleton: “ TREBLE & IGGLES my clefable n wigglytuff duo; i bred and hatched them together and they always level up at the same time bc their exp is the same ”

Clefairys by ~SpagettiUrchin on deviantART  Pokèmon

Clefairys by SpagettiUrchin on DeviantArt

Someone really ought to tell them theres not much hope of reaching the moon that way.. I thought this would be an easy picture to draw since Clefairy is... Clefairys

Oh stop it and just be real already! >.

Oh stop it and just be real already! >.

Clefable With Pancakes by *HappyCrumble on deviantART

Pokemon Cherry Spritzee by DemonDragonKaidou.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Pokemon Cherry Spritzee by KingdraKaidou on DeviantArt

Just to try something different between doing what I usually do, I created this piece for an upcoming artgallery which I will be participating in. I rec... Pokemon Cherry Spritzee

Carbink #703

Carbink #703

TOGEKISS - The Jubilee Pokemon

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Togepi #175 - Togetic #176 - Togekiss #468 evolutions

Togepi #175 - Togetic #176 - Togekiss #468 evolutions


150% Pokemon: Photo

Hi I'm Fiona | 17 | Pokemon Master Welcome to my pokemon blog~ I post and reblog mostly Pokemon and video game stuffs (´ ▽ ` )ノ If you want to ask me something anon, please do so in my Personal Blog! ------- Art Blog | Personal

Stay Kawaii(◕◡◕❀ฺ )

heybutterbee:   That Clefairy episode is forever... | The Original Pokemon Community!

The Original Pokémon Community!

heybutterbee: “ “That Clefairy episode is forever ingrained in my mind because of Seymour the scientist and his poetry about the moonstone (or as I know it: “La pierrrree lune!!” ” Will be available...