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Together, we are on an amazing gluten-free, dairy-free journey. I'm so thankful for my kids and all of you!! With the ups and downs Isaiah and I have faced along the way, there was one constant in our lives that we could always depend on—these chocolate chip cookies. Making these gluten-free, dairy-free cookies wasn't easy, but once I cracked the code and Isaiah took that first bite into a warm, melty cookie, his big smile said all I needed to know. I hope you and your family and frie...

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies - they were DELICIOUS (subbed coconut oil for shortening, which needs a little altering to not flatten).

These paleo chocolate chip cookies are thick, chewy and have the perfect texture. Many of the reviewers have called these the best cookies ever and say that even gluten-eaters love them! They also have a vegan option.

These thick and chewy paleo chocolate chip cookies have the perfect texture along with a subtle nuttiness thanks to almond flour and almond butter. Even gluten-eaters lover them. With a vegan option! {grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free}

The BEST All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix Recipe

The BEST All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix Recipe 1 Bag oz or Cups) Brown Rice Flour 1 Bag oz or Cups) White Rice Four 1 Bag oz or Cups) Sweet Rice Flour 1 Bag oz or Cups) Tapioca Flour (aka Tapioca Starch) TBSP oz) Xanthan Gum

Foods that contain gluten - list

Do you know what is the connection between nutrition and health? Every living being needs to eat but what types of food do you need to be healthy and fit?