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Soup, Stew & Broth

Premium meat to create the best stews for dinner!
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Our Hokkaido Wagyu shank is a well muscled cut of beef and consists mainly of lean meat. With its high content of sinew and gelatin, this cut is flavourful and rich in taste, making it the perfect cut for braising, stewing dishes and for making soup stock. It is also suitable for making low fat ground beef.


Hokkaido Snow Beef Shank ($4/100g) - Product

While most lamb sold in the Singapore market are grass fed lamb from Australia and New Zealand, our Colorado lamb hails from US where they are raised on plenty of sunshine, fresh mountain air, and a variety of nutritious grasses and grains. This combination of Colorado Lamb’s outstanding genetics and a carefully managed feeding program results in a well marbled pinkish red meat with a larger eye on the rib that ensures a rich yet mellow taste.

US Colorado Lamb Rack ($8.4/100g) - Product

Savour our Dingley Dell Pork cheeks, a hidden beauty of a cut consisting of lean and purely marbled meat. Incredibly flavoursome when braised or stewed, they make excellent companions for curries, stews, stir fry or a good breaded deep-fried pork chop! Alternatively, they can also be used in a good ol' delicious ramen broth

D.Dell Pork Cheek Chops ($3.00/100g) - Product