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Long and modest, loose tops are a Muslimah must-have. Pair casual tunics with your favorite denim and wear our professional blouses to the office.

WOMEN'S FASHION : NIQAB ,‫نِقاب‬‎‎ , ABAYA , ‫عباية‬‎‎ ,عباءةʿ عبايات , ABA , HIJAB , ‫حجاب‬‎‎More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER

Perfect for business professional wear, I don't have anything quite like this and it has a very sleek black and white look

69.99 GBP Aab

Fashion Arabic Style Illustration Description Hijab Fashion GBP Aab – Read More –

Denim caftan with appliquéd figures of a man and woman, by Serendipity 3, American, 1976.

Caftan Designer: Serendipity 3 (American, opened Date: 1976 Culture: American Medium: cotton The traditional African garment called a caftan was evolved in the to go along with the free flowing hippy movement.

♔ How to wear a Shawl / Scarf

Muslim women would love to wear embroidered hijabs . have a look at the latest fashion of embroidered hijabs 2014 for women.

PLUZ SIZE, Exclusive Moroccan Brick Sheer Chiffon Caftan Dress Black Embroidery Japanise Sequin Dubai Abaya Maxi Bridesmaid Wedding Dress

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