my little favourite DIY: Durian cotton cheese cake

Hi, hi, hi, everyone, I hope you have a great day and a great week! I have been MIA for a while again.:p hope that I will not after this.

TAGlicious: Hokkaido Cupcakes with Durian

Finally baked this Hokkaido cupcakes! It has been my to do list long time ago.

Kitchen Corner: Durian Soft Cheesecake

Durian Soft Cheesecake (Light version) The texture is similar to Japanese cotton cheesecake, quite moist and soft.



How to Open a Durian Fruit Home Hacks | The Kitchn

How to Open a Durian Fruit

Durians are not the Only Fruit

I do not usually read adult books except cookbooks or craft books. However, this book, Durians Are Not The Only Fruits by Woon Yoon Wah.