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Kaffeefilterbatik XXL! 🩵💙🩷💜🧡💚💛 Ich lieb‘s!😆😆😆 Batikidee: gesehen bei @thelittleartistsroom💛🐞 Ihr könnt übrigens auch Löschpapier verwenden… Gemacht mit der super leuchtenden Flüssigwasserfarbe vom @desdaverlag 🌈💦 Die Flüssigwasserfarbe ist ideal gerade auch für Fensterbilder, da die Farbe lichtecht ist und nichts verblasst. #binebrändle #batik #fensterdeko #flüssigwasserfarbe #diy #suncatcher #girlande #boho #hippiestyle #basteln #dekorieren #spaß #fürgroßundklein #selbermachen #happyhome #...
colorful popsicles are lined up on a wooden table
Squeegee Painting craft ideas | Craft guides & templates | Baker Ross
two hands are drawing a flower with black markeres on a white surface, while the other hand is holding a pen
creative exercise- double draw
alisaburke: creative exercise- double draw
three diagrams showing how to use the light source for an object in front of a house
The perspectives - Painting and Artists
The perspectives - Painting and Artists | Painting and Artists
a book cover with the title 10 fun and silly drawing games for kids
Drawing Games For Kids And Ridiculously Fun Family Time [year]
the words pen and paper games for kids are shown in four different pictures, including one with
Fun Pen and Paper Games to Cure Boredom
a comic strip about stick figures and how they are used to describe what people think
Say NO To Stick Figures In Student Projects - David Rickert
the comic strip shows how to make comics
a person drawing on paper with the title pencil wars fun drawing game, a thrift mom
Pencil Wars - Drawing Game
All about me space themed activity for back to school
Blast off into the first week of school with this space-themed all about me foldable activity, designed to help you get to know your students. This printable resource is a fun alternative to a standard all about me worksheet. It is suitable for classroom use as part of your back-to-school activities in Kindergarten, first or second grade.
a child's drawing with the words double doodle to activate both sides of the brain
Double Doodle Art for Kids
Double Doodle Drawing to Activate Both Sides of the Brain
a child's face is shown with words written on the wall behind it,