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Strawberry Syrup - Using the tops - Life with Aprons


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Homemade powders

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Crispy and nutritious, air fryer chickpeas are very low in calories, making them a good replacement for calorie-laden chips or nuts. So good on salads, too!

Fruit & veggie meals

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Frozen treats!

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Pasta sauces

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Edible cookie dough

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Fruit Salad

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Dates, Dates & more Dates!

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Nutrition facts

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I’m not a fan of most gummy vitamins since they’re full of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. A yummy and healthy way to get that fun gummy texture though is to make your own! These great-tasting probiotic gummies are a hit with kids and provide good bacteria for the digestive tract.

Fruit roll ups/Snacks

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Healthy homemade gluten free and dairy free Butterfingers! Made with 7 super simple ingredients for the best ever healthier version of the classic candy!


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Gut healthy

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Gluten free

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Rice cakes

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Cold remedies

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Smoothie bowls

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Baked oats

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