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Vegvisir / Viking Compass | Norse Runic Symbol of Protection

What does the Viking Compass mean? The Vegvisir is one of the oldest and most sacred Scandinavian symbols and is native to Iceland.

Runas vikingas

En espera de un rato para escribir con calma, he encontrado vagando por mi disco duro una foto que saque en Islandia de las runas “magicas” que se utilizan alli. En su momento, hasta ll…

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Ancient Viking Symbols That Appear In The Most Intense Tales Of Norse Mythology

The Hammer of Thor: Even though it was used as a weapon by the thunder God, it was also used during ceremonies to bless marriages, births, and funerals.

Viking Tattoos Ideas – Scandinavian Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women

Viking Tattoos are very popular among men and women, because it carries a mystical meaning. Vikings were famed for their courage, be it bravery in battle or the unflinching approach towards sailing into the unknown.


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Скандинавские эскизы татуировок, арты.

Photo 4228 from Славянские и скандинавские татуировки | эскизы's album Скандинавские эскизы татуировок, арты. from 10 March 2020.

All Things Heathen,Viking and Heathen Related Clothing and accessories

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pizzzatime: “anitanh: Icelandic Magical Signs. Found in the Internet Archive ”

Top 50 Best Yggdrasil Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide] - Norse Mythology Tattoo Designs

Discover the top 50 best yggdrasil tattoo ideas including sleeve, back and chest tattoos featuring this symbol from Norse mythology.

Vegvisir, The Symbol of Guidance and Protection & Its Meaning - The Viking Compass/Runic Compass - Mythologian

Read all about the Vegvisir, the Viking symbol of guidance and protection, also known as the Viking compass/runic compass, its meaning, history and origin.