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49 percent of employees would change jobs to feel more appreciated - Do you regularly tell your employees that you appreciate their work? If not, they may leave your company for one that does.

Recognition - Ensuring that we are recognizing our employees regularly and properly lets them know they are valued and promotes retention, better work practices, a more positive work environment, and generally happier employees.

Everest luxury trek is the sumptuous trekking in Nepal holiday. Accommodation and transportation are of high quality.

Interesting “Instant Ramen Tunnel” in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan.

The “Instant Ramen Tunnel” in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan. It's not every day you see noodles all over the walls of a tunnel!

The Opera Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel

The work of Victor Enrich. Enrich is a Spanish photographer who photoshops together various pieces of architecture together to create surreal buildings shaped like french fries and guns

Travel quote - Watch more sunsets than netflix

"Watch more sunsets than Netflix." Travel/life/crazy/fun/trip/places/world/adventure/explore/wisdom/fulfillment/joy/experience/fly/sky/earth/globe/wild/shake/possibility/nature/wanderlust/live/outdoors/wifi/unplug

Meteora, Greece

✯ Cliffs - Meteora, Greece I was there, but had a very, very bad feeling like I was somewhere on earth where bad gases were escaping into the air. I was sick from it and left quickly.