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Yup I know some people like this... More than I care to admit and unfortunately some family...

And I'm over it. I have too many amazing friends to investment my love and time with. I don't need one who never reassures me, never goes out of the way to help, and obviously isn't interested in being a friend. story of my life😓✌

Everytime I want to give up on him, there's always something inside telling me to just give it time... - yes

Its been a long time since I've spoke to you. And I thought I'd always feel like this, but after an hour tonight I don't know wtf I was doing with you for 3 years. You're weak and I can't deal with weak anymore.

Please, put in my way soon  the RIGHT ONE, the one who really love me and he don't see me like a toy and always have present that I have a heart, skin and bones.. Amen

I question myself all the time about him. But every time I do, I just can't let go. There is something in my mind that I can't get rid of. I don't want to let him go.

Ha this reminds me of my bf.......that dumped me...............because i was not telling the 'truth' saying that i was just faking that i was cutting which i do damn cut he was being a damn retard.............and that i wasnt cute or pretty...........................i know its true............IM JUST A WORTHLESS MONSTER THAT PEOPLE SHOULD JUST LET DIE......

You made me feel like I could love again and I never thought I could do that again but then you left and I realized that it was just my imagination thinking that you love me.