Turn Daddy's old shirt into his baby's new dress.

Fit to a T baby romper tutorial part 2: Making the Pattern and Cutting

Turn old T-shirts into baby onesies. I suppose you could do this to get a design on a onsie that is only available on t-shirts . or cut down a special order t-shirt to fit baby as well

Made from one of daddy's old shirts..for the future? - YES! Daddy has a bunch of shirts that he needs to sacrifice! :-)

Peasant dress upcycled from men's shirt. Daddy's little girl dress made from Daddy's shirt. Nolan does dad have any old shirts?

Denim crossover. Nx

recycled jean dress - for child - this picture only, or may be able to translate

bag made from old jeans

Small bag made from sewing the bottom part of one of the legs from a pair of jeans. Would be cute for a little girl's purse.