Melfitha Josephine

Melfitha Josephine
Indonesia / baby I know about a thing or two.
Melfitha Josephine
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I’m infp but this is still so true. Maybe it’s just an INFX thing

INFJ - Hobbies, except the music. My musical tastes are a continuous evolution. I listen to everything from ancient gregorian chants to the latest upcoming artists. As long as it piques my ears & soul, I'm into it.

Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever!!

Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever! I do have a great poker face when I’m mad or disgusted.


You know you're an INFJ when...

Maybe other types can relate to this as well, but I'm an INFJ and every bit of this rings true for me. Even as a Christian who knows in her head that God loves and knows her deeply.

Introverts INFJ

infj. c'est moi. mcr

infj. c'est moi. mcr

mindfuckery Myers Briggs style.

It's why I agonise over things friends and family don't even realise they do, but which cause me immense hurt or disappointment.

And hold it in until you can't any more then you're the crazy one.....yep! Love that!

I’ve made the “we need to talk” announcements then taken it back to keep the harmony. Yes, drove me insane.

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