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I feel like you could use Velcro instead of magnets... Might be a bit easier to do with the same effect :)

DIY Magnetic Makeup Organizer Maybe a smaller cookie sheet to fit in makeup drawer to minimize space? (Glue a frame to an old cookie sheet and paint it, then adhesive magnets to the back of makeup and attach to dried magnet board.

Remember that!!

"You don't find your worth in a man. You find your worth within yourself… and then find a man who's worthy of you. Remember that." So please don't try to seek out your worth in approval from a man & own his personal opinion, because he's only human.

I have changed so much in a year, my life has changed so much in a year I wonder what my life will be like in another year

This is true in my case and I am so incredibly blessed to say so. Trusting God will put you exactly where you need to be. Blessed and happy!

7 Ways To Make Running Easier On Your Knees

It is no secret that running is an excellent way to keep your health in tip-top shape. Yet, constantly feeling knee pain might jump-start a mission to figure out how to make running easier on your knees. This type of pain, known as runner’s knee or p