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Endometriosis: Training & Nutrition Guide — EAT RUN LIFT
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5 Foods to Eat and Avoid in Endometriosis
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The Best Teas for Endometriosis | Endo Tips
a white bowl filled with pasta and meat on top of a pink checkered table cloth
Veggie ‘bolognese’ gnocchi
My go-to easy veggie bolognese sauce, which I love serving with spaghetti or gnocchi! Healthy, easy and quick dinner recipe 🥰 more recipes like this one on my website!
a white bowl filled with macaroni and cheese
Marry me chickpeas 💍
These ‘Marry Me’ chickpeas are a creamy and beany dish that will help you incorporate more beans into your diet this year! Legend has it that this dish is so good, whoever you make it for will want to marry you… It comes together in under 20 minutes and is best enjoyed with orzo, a grain, or my homemade naan.
Sweet potato and black bean burrito bowl
This sweet potato black bean burrito bowl is loaded with veggies, beans and drizzled with a creamy silken tofu and tahini dressing. The veggies and beans are roasted on one tray with lots of spices and served with quinoa, avocado and Pico de Gallo. This fibre and plant-packed (12 plant points in total!) dish will become your easy go-to dinner recipe.
Kale caesar salad with chickpeas and tahini dressing
This kale Caesar salad with chickpeas is a delicious and filling salad recipe—and when I tell you it is the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had (not to mention the healthiest and most colourful), I am not kidding! It takes about 25 minutes to prepare and is tossed in a homemade dairy-free tahini ranch dressing. Try it out as an appetizer, lunch, or side dish—and make sure to bring it to your next dinner party to wow your friends and family! Depending on whether you’re having it as a main or side dish, it serves 2-4.
Sticky tofu bowl
My blog’s most popular recipe with over 2 million hits! This sticky tofu bowl is guaranteed to convert all tofu haters—recipe below! 🥰💖
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I've seen it everywhere and definitely had to try it since I have so many apples to eat. Super soft and delicious INGREDIENTS: • 2 apple • 2 eggs • 50g cocoa • 1 teaspoon of yeast • 1 tablespoon of honey or sweetener to your liking in the air fryer at 160°C for about 22min enjoy 😊 follow for more 💚 #brownies #apple #brownies #brownieslovers #viralrecipes