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Look at that smile...on second thought, don't, you'll be ruined forever

on second thought, don't, you'll be ruined forever

EXO's second-mini album tracklist revealed! Cosmic Girl to be title track. #EXO #CosmicGirl #kpop

EXO ranked as the Male Idol Group of 2013 - Syndicasian

EXO - Luhan. I just have to say...that is the cutest wolf I have ever seen. Then again, he can be pretty dangerous

latest news - EXO-M Luhan has allegedly filed a lawsuit (similar to Kris) against SM to leave the group. EXO will most likely be promoting as

Kris:) It still hasn't really hit me that he's left. When I show someone a video or picture of Exo and they ask how many members there are, I always say 12. And then I have to correct myself it hurts. But dont get me wrong, I'm happy for him:)Oh gosh, I should stop now. I apologize. Oh yeah, Lay photo bombing. That's golden.

I cant help but miss you I miss you so much T^T wherever you are right now, i hope that you'll stay strong my galaxy oppa :''')