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four pictures showing how to make homemade soaps in the crock pot and then using grated cheese
Simple Secrets: Rebatching Soap - Wholesale Supplies Plus
Simple Secrets: Rebatching Soap
three ways to make soap ball embeds from scrap soap
Soap balls from leftover soap anyone?
how to make cold process soap harder
How to Make Homemade Cold Process Soap Harder
an image of soaps in trays with text that reads gel phase in cap soap preventing and forging gel phase
Gel Phase in CP Soap Making - Preventing and Forcing Gel Phase
the genius hack for using up soap scraps
The Genius Hack for Using Up Soap Scraps
someone is holding up a piece of paper
How to Rebatch Soap the Easy Way (Partial Rebatch Soap)
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soap bars with text overlay that reads the creative way to use up soap scraps
The Creative Way To Use Up Soap Scraps
Do you throw away your soap scraps? Don’t do it any more! I share a genius hack that will use up your soap scraps so they won’t be wasted. In this post I explain how to save up and combine your leftover bits of soap to make a new product.
a pot with some food inside of it
a person grating parmesan cheese with a grater on a wooden table
How to Recycle Bar Soap and Make New Bars |
a bag filled with lots of different colored rocks on top of a wooden table next to a pile of stones
How to Make Homemade Soap Out of Soap Scraps
two pictures with different types of food on the same side and one has been cut into smaller pieces
How to Recycle Leftover Soap Pieces | Make Soap from Old Soap Scraps | Bottega Zero Waste
a person is mixing something in a bowl on the stove
How to Use Leftover Soap Scraps
How to Use Leftover Soap Scraps | Soap Making | Bottega Zero Waste
pine needled soap on top of a wooden table
Winter Spice Pine Soap Recipe
apple cinnamon oatmeal soap on a cutting board
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap Recipe: Easy DIY Soap for Fall
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap - Easy Melt and Pour oatmeal soap recipe.