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DANS Architects used timber planks and shingles to create this footbridge and cycle path, which connects a Slovenian village to nearby lakes and mountains

DANS arhitekti, Miran Kambic · Bicycle bridge across Sava River in Bohinjska Bistrica. Slovenia

dans arhitekti - Project - The bicycle bridge across the Sava River in Bohinjska Bistrica

High Bridge Trail State Park in Virginia; over 30 miles long; a shared-use trail. Is 2,400 feet long and ranges from 60 to 125 feet high. Was originally made of wood and was used for trains. After the last train crossing in 2004, the abandoned tracks were donated (in 2006) to the state park system, and restored between 2008 and 2012.

High bridge trail State Park in Virginia: 31 miles of abandoned railroad was donated to Virginia State Parks. The High Bridge Trail State Park was converted from a railroad to a hiking trail for bicyclists, horseback riding & walking.

TREE RINGS | ACT lighting design

The contemporary, pure and flexible form of Tree Rings, was designed and developed with a particular attention to respect of nature.