Today I spotted some lovely lemon basil (Indonesian: daun kemangi) and I have been craving for this Thai stir fry chicken with basil and chili for some time, so I scoop up the loveliest bunch, along with a packet of chicken breast, and some chilies. I have the rest of …

With lovely lemon basil (Indonesian: daun kemangi): Thai stir fry chicken with basil and chili

<p>Ayam tuturaga is another dish from Manado. As with all Manado dishes, you can expect this dish to be fiery hot, but balanced with freshness from lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaves, and lemon basil leaves. If you like this dish, you may want to also try other Manado dishes …</p>

Ayam Tuturaga - Indonesian Chicken in Spicy Basil Coconut Lemongrass Sauce

Ayam Kuah Tauco / Ayam ala Swikee mudah enakk

Ayam Kuah Tauco / Swikee Ayam mudah enakk

Ayam Kalio Padang – Half Way Chicken Rendang

Ayam Kalio Padang - Half Way Chicken Rendang. I'm slowly reducing my meat intake and this still looks delicious

Ayam Tumis Lada Hitam

Ayam Tumis Lada Hitam

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Ayam suwir rica rica

Ayam suwir rica rica

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