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Wanna One Jisung and Jinyoung Selfie

Lee Daehwi, Wallpaper, Idol, But, Korea, Sitter

Bee, Wallpaper, Kpop, Sitter

Baejin is too qt Jinyoung-ah

Baejin is too qt Jinyoung-ah

Yoo Seonho, Celebrities, Kpop

Season 2, Yoo Seonho, Korean, Kpop


Wanna One dropped image teasers for their debut.Their first mini album is titled (To Be One)' and it will be released on August 7 at


Bae Jinyoung Energetic M/V

Bae Jinyoung Energetic M/V

Entertainment Announces They’re Taking Action Against Malicious Comments About Wanna One’s Bae Jin Young