Bolo de mandioca - sem ovo, sem leite e sem glúten - Also known as baked tapioca cake, this traditional kuih bingka ubi is easy to whip up and super delicious - egg free, dairy free, gluten free

Last time my mother taught me to make Brown sugar Huat Kueh ( Chinese steamed cake) using yeast method. But this time i try this metho.

Onde - onde is a kind of pastry snacks are popular in Indonesia . This cake is so famous in the area known as the city of Mojo.

Kuih Bingka Ubi–Baked Tapioca or Cassava Cake (烤木薯糕)

Yam Cake Recipe (Or Kuih)

Yam Cake (Or Kuih) - Steamed cake made from yam pieces, dried prawns and rice flour, and usually served with a chilli dipping sauce.

Pastel Tutup Klasik Panggang Mudah Lezattt

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Kue Lupis (Indonesian Sweet Sticky Rice Dumplings)

Resep Kue Cubit Sederhana - Resep Masakan Indonesia