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Menu Masakan Jum'at Berkah
Fried Honey Shrimp
· 2 servings Ingredients: 20-30 medium Shrimps 1 Egg 2 Minced green onion 1 tbsp ginger 1 pack of fry powder
#kebab #food
Nasi Jamur
Cake, Black Burger, Ethnic Recipes, Cake Flavours, Cake Flavors
Black burger
Black burger Foods, Burger, Hamburger, Food, Dinner, Delicious
Black burger
Black burger
Resep Carang Gendis | Jajanan Tradisional Indonesia
New-York Roll Citron Meringué
three burritos with meat, guacamole and salsa on them sitting on a wooden table
@deonnateneil 🦋
a tortilla topped with black beans, cheese and guacamole
Seven Layer Chicken Burritos