M.Firnanda Syahputra

M.Firnanda Syahputra

M.Firnanda Syahputra
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vertical hanging herbs If you happen to only have a small empty corner in your kitchen, this vertical planter is just for you. It won’t take up much room and you can put the herbs that kitty eats on top. (via Decorating Your Small Space)

Strawberries taste great, are healthy & cost a lot to purchase making them a great addition to your garden. There are also some unique, mostly vertical, ways to grow strawberries rather than the traditional in the ground methods. Keeping strawberries off of the ground is beneficial to reduce r

Grow sweet strawberry in a vertical PVC tube is great solution for small garden or yard. Vertical planter will save you a lot of space, at the same time keep plants out of reach from garden insect pests.

, spray paint 6" PVC pipe in your favorite color. Plant with succulents. Great planter to hang in front of a window that doesn't have a great view.

Cool DIY Indoor-Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters If you have limited gardening space than dis DIY planter is made for you!This DIY project would let you save some gardening space. @ its-a-green-life