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the silhouettes of two women are shown on a sheet of paper with white icing
Silhouette Cookie Tutorial
Silhouette Cookie Tutorial (piped onto wax paper, then transfer to cookie) by SweetAmbs
there is a cake made out of pink and white striped paper with roses on it
The Goldiloks's favorites
LOVE this cake! So different.>2
a person cutting into a chocolate cake with a knife
Cake decorating tips
a cut out of a man's face next to a pair of scissors on a cutting mat
DIY+Recipe: How to Make a Face Cake
How to make stencil
a series of photos showing different types of cakes
Love the simple and clean designs of these cakes, have always preferred the tall tiers and narrow shelves
a castle shaped cake pan on a white background
Castle Bundt Cake Pan - what I like about this is that it doesn't have to be frosted with artificial colors - make a simple chocolate cake (even gluten-free) and you still have something super festive! Plus, I could see using it for a princess party down the line .. .
simple and cute @Kara's Party Ideas .com Party Favours, People, Inspiration, Friends, Ideas, Candy Bag Favors, Goodie Bags, Favor Bag
Fabric Pennant 1st Birthday Party! | Kara's Party Ideas
simple and cute @Kara's Party Ideas .com
a cupcake topped with raspberries on top of a white table covered in icing
raspberry and olive. cupcake by Alma (Objetivo: Cupcake Perfecto). color swatches by creature comforts.
the cupcake holder is made from plastic cups
Awesome idea!!
the diagram shows how to cut an origami butterfly out of paper with scissors
Parents: Parenting News & Advice for Moms and Dads -
How to cut a butterfly cake...
a birthday cake for a construction worker
digger cakes
Another digger cake idea
someone is cutting out the letters with a pair of scissors on top of a piece of paper
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes for your Valentine | Sweet Dreams Cake App – IPhone, IPad, IPod Cake Decorating App
stencils under wax paper for chocolate letter