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Bienvenid@ a EXO-P ¿P? P de Pendejadas :D Aquí habrá.. ✔️Chistes ✔️… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

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Page 2 Read Sehun from the story Kpop Wallpaper by Damdamdamdaaa (?) with 200 reads.

a cigarette? // baekyeol - e - Wattpad

A CIGARETTE ? (baekyeol) - e

a cigarette? // baekyeol - e - Wattpad exo baekhyun

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lovely winter boys giving us all sorts of looks this season. click the image to make it bigger! source: , EXO_Serendipity , plutosuho , every morning when i wake up in the forest exo have released more beautiful things for me to swoon at

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Considering it my new lockscreen hmmhmm

Chen ~ milkyxing | do not edit.

Chen ~ milkyxing | do not edit.

“ candy blossom | do not edit. ”

Happy birthday to the guardian of exo Suho! Suho thank you for everything you have done for exo. Thank you for working so hard. Please stay healthy.

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Note to self: stop pinning Do Kyungsoo

Suho - 160828 Incheon Airport, departing for Hawaii Credit: WindBellSuho. (인천공항 출국) EXO's handsome leader

Suho - 160828 Incheon Airport, departing for Hawaii Credit: WindBellSuho. (인천공항… // bdjdnfkdjdj he looks so good I'm shaking in my socks

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Kim Junmyeon: How can one be so attractive

BoA bật cười khi nhìn thấy mái tóc rối bù của Suho - Sao hàn quốc

I'm not gonna lie, I was really not into the hair at first, but. the longer it's there, the more I fall in love w/ curly Suho


[Updated] EXO spell out their name in another set of teaser photos

EXO Comeback Teaser Photos Chen y so mad

real_pnh (@real_pnh) | Twitter

real_pnh (@real_pnh) | Twitter

Kai e Suho EXO ❤

Kai, Suho - 160922 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’ - Credit…