Chanyeol - 170927 ‘Power’ merchandise Credit: Burn It.

Chanyeol - 150719 ExoLuxion Beijing

Chanyeol my love

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you’re not an « ordinary people

We are on a date.

It's the giant puppy, Channie!

Puppy yeol getting his face kissed by a puppy - I wish I was that puppy ~~~ colaaa

Puppy Yeol getting his face kissed by puppy Cucumber- so much cuteness in one photo

(part ena di private)  "nikah itu ena, kawin itu nikmat" -chanyeol  #… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad


You are worth so much, chanyeol

#wattpad #fanfic Bem-vinda ao vale da ilusão.  Livrinho cheio de gifs porque eu adoro ^^

EXO Signos - Facetime

it'd be funny if this was my lockscreen

This looks like you've been picking on Chanyeol, and now he's fed up, and he's coming over to you to get you to stop, and and he'll get you to stop by either kissing you on the forehead or by bear-hugging you, your decision.

Imagine: Jealous boyfriend Chanyeol gets fed up with you being on your phone.so he turns around and goes up and takes your phone while kissing you.

Chanyeol selca icons part 2



170424 New York Times Square #Chanyeol #Baekhyun #ChanBaek #EXO

170424 New York Times Square

pcy being a boyfriend

My husband right?