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Tags: Anime, Fanart, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Japan, Russia

Hetalia ~ Arthur (England), Alfred (America), Kiku (Japan), and Ivan (Russia)

Hetalia Russia America England Prussia Germany France

Hetalia Russia America England Prussia Germany France----- pinning just for how sexy GERMANY is

(England - Hetalia) Cool to watch how much effort goes into a piece of art

I know I have posted it before, but I just want to praise the artist. It's amazing how simple lines and shapes can develope into such a sexy beast.<-- posting because of sexy beast cx

by のり - Hetalia - America / England I think I see usuk in here (sorry they are my otp's)

by のり - Hetalia - America / England. It says share a coke with Alfred!<< I bet Alfred is thinking how attractive Iggy looks drinking his coke like that *INTENSE EYEBROW WIGGLE*