how i love being a woman

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an open book with four pictures on it and a pink ribbon tied around the page
gracie abrams core coquette
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a person is holding an old book on a bed with white sheets and pillows in front of them
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a table topped with books and candles next to a candle holder on top of a white table
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a woman sitting in front of a mirror brushing her hair
Gossip girl Audrey hope
a woman holding an open book in front of her face and wearing a pearl necklace
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@quirinebrouwer on IG
a candle is lit on top of some letters and envelopes that have been placed next to each other
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a woman reading a book with the words can ladies kill?
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a woman holding a lit candle in front of a cake with many candles on it
someone is making heart shaped cookies on a baking sheet
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three newspapers with flowers tied to them on a bed
i need u ✓
a table with candles and pictures on the wall
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a close up of a lipstick on top of a piece of paper with writing in the background
how does it feels to be someone's valentine?
three different types of flowers on a piece of paper
flower journal<3
a stack of books sitting on top of a typewriter next to a cup of tea
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